Even though the world as a whole should definitely be taking the current coronavirus outbreak very seriously, it now looks like Californians should be taking extreme precaution after a new report was released stating about 56% of the state's population could be infected with COVID-19 over the next two months.

56% Californians California Contract Coronavirus next 8 Weeks 2 months
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Reported earlier today by various news outlets, Governor of California Gavin Newsom issued a letter to President Donald Trump yesterday (March 18) that shared his findings from the state's health officials. The letter also requested that Trump send the largest hospital ship in the world, the Navy's USNS Mercy, to dock on the California coast as support for pharmacists and additional diagnostic equipment. 

Here's a further breakdown of the situation from a spokesperson for Newsom, via ABC 7:

A spokesperson for the governor said the projection shows why it's so critical that Californians take action to slow the spread of the disease - and those mitigation efforts aren't taken into account in those numbers. The spokesperson added that the state is deploying every resource at its disposal to meet this challenge and is continuing to ask for the federal government's assistance in this fight.

The governor is working closely with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to protect the state's homeless population from the virus, particularly the most vulnerable with pre-existing conditions.

Homeless people everywhere have definitely been on the minds of many, especially given the fact that they could be the most heavily affected due to a variety of pre-existing conditions as mentioned above. ABC 7 also reports that LA and the American Red Cross are coming together to help provide 6,000 beds to those in dire need at 42 recreation centers. 

We'll try to keep you all updated as much as possible on the coronavirus pandemic, but please stay safe, healthy and sanitized indoors as much as you can as things slowly get back to normal.