Future seems to be going in a more aggressive direction on Honest. Scrapping the Miley-assisted “Real & True”, and seemingly modeling the album’s song after surprise hit, “Sh!t”.

Perhaps that’s why this new ballad didn’t make the final cut. “I Can’t Believe (Moving On)” is a ballad akin to the R&B-infused, Mike WiLL-backed songs that appeared on Pluto

Look out for Fewtch’s sophomore album to hit stores April 22nd. It will feature previously released tracks, “Honest”, “Sh!t”, “Move That Dope”, and “Karate Chop (Remix)”.

According to the ATL crooner, the album will be more “hood” and “underground” than anyone is expecting.

Quotable lyrics:

I’m moving on
I can’t believe
How many times she called my phone
I can’t believe
How many times I did her wrong