Now that Jussie Smollett has officially turned himself in, it's entirely likely that 50 Cent will continue his barrage of merciless memes. We've already seen him depict Smollett as "the Gay Tupac," a moniker Smollett placed upon himself in the wake of his "assault." Now, Fif has doubled down on Jussie, this time attempting to get the root of the actor's motivation. After all, that does remain the core mystery, and one that will likely fuel speculation for days to come - or at least, until the next bizarre story pops off.

"He getting ready to tell the DA @theoriginalbigdaddy knew what I was doing the whole time," writes 50. "He told me it would help Empire’s rating. That POWER show on STARZ was too good. LOL." Such is a testament to Fif's promotional brilliance. He always manages to find a way to bring everything full circle. Of course, it wouldn't be surprising to see a rise in Empire ratings following the whole Smollett fiasco, if only a temporary one. 

While Jussie is currently awaiting his legal fate, he has been left at the mercy of the hip-hop community. Snoop Dogg has already taken to roasting him willy-nilly, and we get the feeling 50 is only getting started. 

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images