Jussie Smollett, the self-proclaimed "Gay Tupac," has been under heavy scrutiny of late. Last month, the Empire actor claimed to be the victim of a hate crime in which he was brutally assaulted by a pair of MAGA hat sporting attackers. However, that was then. In the following weeks, a variety of reports began to surface, casting a disturbing shadow of doubt upon Smolett's initial account.

 Steve Jennings/Getty Images

From that point on, the doubt intensified tenfold, with many openly turning on Smollett. Now, the narrative has flipped entirely, with Smollett appearing to be the mastermind of his own "beatdown." Throw in a pair of jacked Nigerian brothers, and we're looking at one of the year's wildest stories thus far. 

Now, Snoop Dogg has officially waded into the action. With the spotlight's on Smollett getting ever hotter, Snoop decided to have a laugh at the Empire rapper's expense, depicting him in the middle of a heated police chase. In truth, it's a fairly accurate depiction of the sh*tshow that is the Smollett situation, and Snoop has never been one to pull his punches.