With the success of Power, it shouldn't come as a surprise that 50 Cent and Starz would be interested in manning a spin-off series. Sometimes, spin-offs can generate even more attention than the original. Just think of Better Call Saul, which has gone on to become a shoo-in at most award shows. 50 Cent has been involved in the production of Power for years and things have started to rise to wild levels that only he could have predicted. Now, the show has become so successful that a prequel appears to be in the works and while Kanan, Fif's character, was killed off in the main series, he may be making a return for The Golden Era.

The rapper/entertainer/entrepreneur/everything else posted a throwback photo as he teased the prequel to Power, which is tentatively titled The Golden Era. There is no release date or production news regarding the series but this isn't the first time 50 has made mention to it. It's very possible that the crew may already be plotting a few episodes for the prequel.

With a BMF series in the works, Power and all of his other entertainment ventures, it's difficult to see where 50 Cent will work the prequel into his loaded schedule. He's proven to be able to handle such a heavy workload though so we're looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Are you hoping this comes to fruition?