Street King Immortal is gone. At least, that's what 50 Cent fans have come to accept as fact. When 50's musical discography is discussed, the story appears to have ended with Animal Ambition, a project sadly deemed to be his most underwhelming in terms of overall quality. Yet hope is not lost. It feels like Fif's buzz hasn't been this high in years, with many routinely tuning in to see what the brazen mogul has up his sleeve. As many of those loyal fans originally pledged allegiance during his musical heydey, it stands to reason that they'd be more than willing to come full circle.

Scott Gries/Getty Images

Luckily, it appears as if 50 is indeed plotting on a return to music. At least, he's certainly testing the waters. Taking to Instagram, Fif shared a snippet of a song he originally made for Power (no surprise there), in order to make them "understand what he wanted to do." The track, called "Remarkable" harkens back to one of his signature vibes; which is to say, the Thug-Luv formula originally explored on "21 Questions." Off the bat, it's evocative of a simpler time, and should fuel nostalgic vibes in any tried-and-true 50 fan.

Now, the idea of him releasing a full album certainly feels like wishful thinking. Yet maybe, should the response to "Remarkable" prove overwhelming, Fif will see the light and return to the booth. Would you be down for a new project from the G-Unit capo?