A legendary artist, television mogul, and one of hip-hop's prominent trolls, 50 Cent wears many hats. Yet hearing him speak reveals a calculated and logical sense of business acumen, experience, and genuine wisdom. On that note, Fif took a moment to converse with Shade 45 host DJ Drama about a variety of topics, including 6ix9ine, his upcoming Power spin-off, and more. 

JC Olivera/Getty Images

Though many have come to love 50 through his music, his work on Power has helped cement him as an entertainment juggernaut. Though his beloved character Kanan's arc has come to an end, Fif has been laying the foundation for another Power story, this one taking place in the 1980s. Citing Goodfellas and Paid In Full as stylistic influences, 50 reveals that Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn will be holding it down in a leading role (twenty-four-minute mark). 

"6ix9ine is not from the street," explains 50. "I liked him, like I like Soulja Boy. He was sixteen years old, he produced a record, he made the dance, got his homeboy and shot it. I want to see him have a hit, that guy that does it. I couldn't do it at 16. I was like yo, he's special. With 6ix9ine, his image was stronger than the music. Middle America, the people actually purchasing music, they can dye their hair blonde and dye their hair those colors. Hip-hop allows you to get close to the animals and go on a safari without being in danger," continues Fif. "They seen him in the safari. In the middle of the whole pack."

Tekashi 6ix9ine talk begins at the twenty-six-minute mark. Should you be interested in hearing 50 drop further knowledge, including a sharp take on Drake's industry savvy, Tory Lanez vs Dream Doll, and more, check out the interview in full.