While Tekashi 6ix9ine's Instagram antics may seem over the top at times, there is a method to the madness. In reality, 6ix9ine is following an updated playbook of how 50 Cent started his career, not being afraid to take shots at anyone and everyone. Well, this may be more than just admiration on 6ix9ine's part, as 50 Cent revealed some SHOCKING NEWS on Instagram today.

In the caption to a picture of him and 6ix9ine, 50 Cent revealed the surprising history between him and 6ix9ine. "Your not gonna believe this but l dated a Mexican girl back in the day. 😳," 50 wrote. "l took a blood test and just found out 69’s my son,🤔no wonder he acts like that. 🤨get the strap."

It would seem that the ability to troll on Instagram is hereditary, as both 50 Cent and 6ix9ine have made an art form out of it. Both of them are from New York, and 50 would have been 20 years old when 6ix9ine was born, so the fact that it's clearly a joke aside, the dates do line up pretty well.

6ix9ine should be happy to have the support from a father figure like 50 Cent. Though he's currently in the middle of his latest beef with the entire city of Chicago, he's still maintaining success with his music with the recent placement of his new single "TATI" on the Billboard Hot 100. Perhaps 50 is the mentor he needs to take his career past the online beefs and into the world of legitimacy. Check out 50's post below.