With likely one of the most uncensored minds on the internet, 50 Cent says what he wants, when he wants, how he wants it. It doesn't matter how lewd or inappropriate the subject matter is. If 50 finds it remotely funny, it's going on his page. With a revenge porn lawsuit and a formal NYPD investigation against him, both due to Instagram posts he has made, 50 may have finally met somebody he does not want to mess with. Regardless of how much trouble he may seem to be in, 50 does not have a care in the world as he continually jokes around on his socials, this time making fun of the current legal situation he's wrapped up in.

Anybody following the entrepreneur on Instagram knows that "Get The Strap" is one of his favorite phrases, which he uses regularly whether it fits the context or not. Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez apparently feels threatened by 50's "strap" hashtag, enough so to open an investigation and Fif has snapped back on his page, writing, "👀all this for my hash tag # 🤔I’m a big deal around here. LOL get the strap, POWER Season 5 July1 we lit🔥."

Not missing the chance to plug his popular TV series, 50 should consider laying low for a while as he consistently finds a way to stir up controversy. We will keep you updated as the investigation unfolds but, with a trademark for the term now registered in 50's name, we have a feeling he'll be in the clear here.