Currently in the midst of a tour, Eric B. & Rakim are in full-fledged reunion mode. The duo has not toured for over 20 years and for many, seeing them live is something they believed would never happen. The Technique Tour pulled through New York's Irving Plaza and many guests showed up to enjoy the group's homecoming. One of the attendees was none other than 50 Cent, posing backstage for a photo with Rakim after the show. Recalling the struggles that he has had to endure in his life, 50 reminisced on times of old after the show.

Music can bring forth certain emotions in oneself. It also has the ability to bring you back to a certain time. Much like other senses, sound can instill certain memories to be brought to the forefront, which is exactly what happened with 50 Cent at last night's show. Captioning his photo, Fiddy remembered the drastic measures he would take just to be able to record music.

"I️ went to go see Eric B & Rakim tonight, the shit gave me goose bumps man. l didn’t have shit,I️ was putting toilet paper in side the little squares on the Cassette tape So l could re-record over the shit my grandmother taped at the church." 

Those who are passionate about music will go to any length in order to get their fix. Check out the photo below and let us know if you've ever had a similar experience after a concert.