After his attempt failed at restricting Wendy Williams from entering his Tycoon Pool Party this weekend, 50 Cent made sure to take appropriate precautions to ensure she didn't rain on his parade during a more important soirée. Last night marked the premiere of the new season of Power, which the rapper has been hyping up for months. To celebrate the upcoming edition of the Starz program, Fif rented out Madison Square Garden and showed the first episode of the new batch to an exclusive list of fans and journalists. With performances galore, including one from the executive producer of the show himself, 50 Cent threw another jab at his longstanding rival, Wendy Williams, when he reflected on the evening in a series of social posts.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Curtis Jackson took to Instagram to show off a bunch of photos from last night, writing on one that he instructed security to not let a certain someone through the door. "I made my own award show this year," wrote Fif. "And I told MSG don’t let Wendy williams in."

Unlike at the pool party, Wendy does not appear to have made an effort to be let into the arena. She's all for water-guns, loud music and outdoor partying but when it comes to Power, live performances, and MSG, she's seemingly not down. When will the feud end between these two?