Among a bevy of much poppier artists, G-Unit performed at this past weekend's iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas, and while backstage, the crew's de facto leader shared some of his thoughts on the gradual decline in record sales we've seen in the past few years. 50 Cent began by talking about The Beast Is G-Unit, the upcoming follow-up to the group's The Beauty Of Independence, and then said some rather surprising things about the state of the industry.

Speaking to Billboard, Fif pondered:

"You know what you gotta do to sell a million records now? My first album sold 13 million records… If the chart mattered now, I’d quit. Now, compared to that period, you can forget about it. The album [of mine] to sell the worst was the Curtis record, and Em just sold [for The Marshall Mathers LP 2] what I sold the first week on that album. It’s getting smaller and smaller as we go, but no one’s lost interest in great music.”

Speaking on The Beast Is G-Unit, he added:

“The production has changed. We’re going to start using some of the usual suspects for hits, at the present moment. [Fans] are going to feel the new energy connected to it." 

Watch the full interview below.