Since it's evolution from the late 1980s, hip-hop music has gone from strength to strength. Nothing tells the story of this success better than seeing the facts by numbers. We often hear about first week album sales, and then there's always Forbes annual break-down of the wealthiest celebrities, but after that, we forget about it. Today we're giving you all the data you could possibly absorb in one sitting, with a break-down of the highest-selling rap albums of all time, the highest-selling single each year since rap's inception, the wealthiest rappers currently in the game, the surprisingly low amount of hip-hop artists that have topped Billboard's Hot 100 chart, and in comparison, the some stats for Billboard's Hot Rap Songs chart. That, and much more.

It's a pretty intense infographic, but take a look at all the rap statistics we gathered below. This is by no means complete or final, as hip-hop is constantly evolving and growing bigger each year. As Childish Gambino said recently in his Breakfast Club interview, rap is becoming pop-- popular in the mainstream.