Anyone who’s closely followed Drake and 40’s process know that its always down to the wire when it comes album submission time. Now that albums are generally released digitally before getting a physical pressing, they technically have a little more time to finish up all the mastering, but naturally, things were still very last minute this time around.

With VIEWS arriving this Friday April 29th, 40 has updated fans that the album is finally complete. Well, he did, but then instantly went back on his word only to report back 10 hours later with the tweet, “Ok I’m Done. For Real.” This has got to be a relief for the producer, who’s been pretty much living in the lab since February.

Who knows what was done in those 10 hours. We do know a lot can be accomplished in that timeframe, especially with these guys, but then again, it was probably some REALLY boring mixing and mastering.

Check out 40’s tweets below, and stay tuned for OVO Radio Thusday night at 10 PM EST.


Sounds Like 40 Only Just Put The Finishing Touches On Drake's "Views From The 6"