Some people like to have a caretaker help look after their newborn child, but when it comes to Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s, they prefer a small (and expensive) army.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, hip-hop’s preeminent power couple have hired no less than six nannies to help look after new editions Rumi and Sir. In fact, they’re shelling out $100,000 a year per person as a salary. That’s more than half-a-million dollars per year just on nannies. Just, you know, normal family expenses if you’re Jay and Bey.

If you included the two nannies who already look after 5-year-old Blue Ivy, that’s eight caretakers in total who are in and out of the Carter-Knowles home. Who knows – if they have more kids, they might need to build an addition onto that house.