Future is one of the biggest rappers in the game right now, but he knows of another emcee who could be living larger and isn’t. That man is Ralo.

The Atlanta native shared a video on his Instagram account that features him and Future having a discussion about Ralo’s living situation. The “Mask Off” star is quoted as saying that Ralo is the only person he knows who’s “making $30,000 every weekend and still lives in the hood.” The pair also exchange a good laugh when Ralo (kind of) jokingly offers to buy Future’s Lamborghini. 

This revelation, while exaggerated, might not be that far off. Ralo has previously been seen giving out food to the homeless and he says he’s always looking about for members of his community. A positive influence coming out of the hip-hop game is never a bad thing.

Check out the video and a photo of Ralo and Future together below.