T.I. Claims He Started Trap Music

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T.I. told Angie Martinez he changed rap music.

From his relationship troubles to his questionable Tupac Rock and Roll Hall of Fame outfit, Atlanta rap icon and social activist T.I. has been all over the news lately. In a radio interview with Angie Martinez, Tip added fuel to the fire claiming to be the originator of trap music. 

"A lot of people they don't really [...] know that I created trap music," he said revealing that he will drop two albums this year, one solo and one with Hustle Gang. "There was no such thing as trap prior to... no such thing, it didn't exist."

He said he started the genre when he put out his second album Trap Muzik in 2003. Before Outkast, crunk music and Organized Noized dominated Atlanta hip hop, he said. He labeled the new genre with the aforementioned Trap Muzik.

"Because the first album I did [...] people who heard it they didn't know where I was from. 'Is he from Atlanta? He raps too good. Is he from New York? Where is he from.' So, Trap Muzik was like establishing a sound, like this is who I am," Tip said.

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