Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram has just released a new mixtape, under his rap name SupaMel, called “Franchise Tag” which is appropriate considering he was recently slapped with the franchise tag this off-season.

This isn’t like Ingram just came out with one or two songs, he dropped an 11-song mixtape and wants to be taken seriously in the rap game.

Speaking with TMZ, SupaMel said his main focus is still playing football for the Chargers and that’s the #1 priority, but he wants to do this music thing as well.

“Everybody got their own hobby. Some people like to cook. Some people like to play golf. I do music and I do it well.”

You can check out Ingram’s second mixtape, “Franchise Tag,” right here.

See what he had to say about his rapping ability, as well as a snippet from his mixtape, below.