Jelani Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s brother who’s going on trial for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl, has claimed his innocence. Despite the evidence that his semen was found on the victim’s clothing.

And, according to Bossip, despite the fact that his victim accuses him of threatening her with forced anal intercourse to get what he wanted.

“He would make several threats to her,” Assistant District Attorney Emma Slane said at Nassau County Supreme Court Thursday. “If she resisted in any way, he would threaten to engage in anal intercourse with her, which she said would hurt her.”

Slane said she would use the testimony during Maraj’s upcoming trial. Slane said the victim’s younger sister was aware of the alleged crime. She added that, to keep them quiet, Maraj would hit the victim as well as her sister, when she stumbled upon the abuse.

“After telling the child not to talk about what happened, he struck (the sibling) in the face,” Slane said. “These children were in fear of him.”