Bandman Kevo Tattoos Kobe Bryant & Kanye West’s Face On His Leg

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The Chicago rapper added more portraits to his "WLM" sleeve.

Bandman Kevo has taken the internet by storm with his latest ink. After causing a stir on social media following his “White Lives Matter” tattoo, the Chicago rapper made headlines once again by tatting the faces of some of America’s most controversial figures on his body. 

The new ink includes portraits of  Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos on his leg. The latest addition to the artwork is an image of Kanye West rocking a MAGA hat. Other images on his controversial leg sleeve include the company logos of Tesla, Amazon, Facebook and Kobe Bryant.

According to tattoo and recording artist Phor, who shared the video of Kevo getting the detailed  leg sleeve, the entire process took about 15 hours to complete. Fans quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on the peculiar ink. “Bandman kevo has the worst tattoo selection in the history of tattoos hands down. I don’t see how or why he chooses tattoos that seemingly have no sentimental value it’s like he’s trolling,” one Twitter user wrote.

“So ur telling me this mf bandman kevo got the action figure abs and the most dogshit white lives matter FULL LEG tattoo in less than a week?” another added. Kevo’s tattoos come on the heels of the 32-year old rapper going public about his liposuction surgery. Back in June, he revealed that he underwent the procedure to have more defined abs, while calling out other rappers who’ve reportedly gone under the knife. 

"What's so crazy is, at first I wasn't even with no lipo shit. I'm like, 'Man, I ain't doing that shit.'" Bandman Kevo admitted. "Then, all my rich homies they like, 'Man, everybody do that shit, they just be low-key with it.' I'm like, 'Yeah. On 4nem, I'm tired of going to the gym a million times and my stomach still big as hell.’"

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