21 Lil Harold Releases "Robbin Season"

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21 Lil Harold Releases "Robbin Season"21 Lil Harold Releases "Robbin Season"
21 Lil Harold is preparing the city for one of the most dangerous times of the year.

21 Lil Harold might be pretty new to the rap game, but he's making his mark in the industry. The rapper is a long-time friend of esteemed hip-hop artist 21 Savage. Their bond allowed Harold to receive a cosign on Slaughter Gang Entertainment.

The ATL native is known for explaining his tough life experiences through music. Delivering massive bars over bass-thumping beats is the route he usually takes, and his most recent release falls into that category.

On November 2, 21, Lil Harold dropped "Robbin Season." The track title holds significance, as it is the period of time in Atlanta right before Christmas time and New Year's. During these days, theft and robberies tend to increase in the ever-evolving city.

The two-minute song used a sample from the 1973 song "Misdemeanor" by Foster Sylvers. Its upbeat tempo and consistent adlibs matched perfectly with 21 Lil Harold's flow.

"First gun that I tote/It was a 30-round/First rhyme that I wrote/It was a 100,000," 21 Lil Harold rapped.

Stream the record on the platforms below.

Quotable Lyrics
N*gga want to beef bout a b*tch, I don't do
N*ggas get on songs and make diss, I'm gone shoot
This n*gga be pouting like a trick
How you gangster but got fed in yo' mix

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