NBA YoungBoy Seemingly Takes Shots At His Baby Mamas

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NBA YoungBoy Seemingly Takes Shots At His Baby Mamas
ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 29: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Rapper NBA YoungBoy performs onstage during Lil Baby & Friends concert to promote the new release of Lil Baby's new album "Street Gossip" at Coca-Cola Roxy on November 29, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
YB had a lot to say through his producer's account.

Yesterday (October 28), rapper NBA YoungBoy had a lot to get off his chest. Since he doesn't have a personal Instagram account, he had to use his producer's page to address some tweets written by his baby mothers.

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Drea, one of the mothers of YB's children, went online and claimed that he does not have a relationship with their daughter. "Trade all the money in the world for my youngest daughter to have a father," she wrote.

She added, "We've all seen different versions of a person, which is why one week it's 'W dad' etc. and the next 'you know what you signed up for.' Anything to justify that behavior I guess."

After everyone labeled her an exploiter, she quickly shut down those claims by stating, "I ain't never met a gold digger who wasn't satisfied by money... I've been quiet... today the day tho."

While the 23-year-old made a plethora of posts, one comment was seemingly aimed at Drea directly. "Then back to this h*e, b*tch too old... b*tch send my daughter."

The other culprit of his rage was Jania Meshell, the mother of Kacey. She triggered YB by talking about "real fathers" on her platform. "Growing up without one, I just love it for kids that actually have it," she posted on Twitter before deactivating her account.

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Additionally, Jania added, "... us single moms out here with no break no financial help literally making it come together for our kids cause we have no other choice we got this."

Her posts forced YB to respond, "single moms? you bum b*tch you barely get [booked] you live off his money." YoungBoy allegedly referred to Jania's boyfriend, Dejountae Murray of the Atlanta Hawks.

That wasn't the only time he brought up the NBA player. The rapper claimed that Murray had been disrespectful towards his child. "Yo bf a h*e I was cool with him until he put my son out the car and made him walk," stated YB.

After reading these claims, Jania went on Instagram live and asked Kacey questions about her boyfriend. "Dejountae mean," she questioned the toddler, which he denied. The mother also asked if he had ever put them out before. "He didn't," Kacey stated.

"What are these people talking about," Jania stated.

Check out all the tweets and posts below.

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