If you’ve been keeping up with pop culture and its trends, there have been bubbling conversations about BBLs. Brazilian Butt Lifts have become the new norm in and outside of the industry. People of all backgrounds are running to BBL surgeons for rounder hips and backsides—and this continues despite critics sharing the dangers of undergoing such operations.

It isn’t difficult to find women in the industry who boast about their newly sculpted curvy frames, and while rappers have boasted about these looks in their songs, Lil Baby suggests BBLs are getting to be a bit too much.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

In a new interview with Big Loon for The Experience Podcast, Baby was asked about the type of woman he was interested in. The host spoke about his attraction to thick women, but Baby said he was not opposed to giving a “skinny girl” a chance. Loon asked if the BBL trend was on the way out.

“I don’t really know if it’s going out of style, but like, too much,” said Baby. “Everybody got it.” Loon agreed, to which the rapper added, “Regular girls, rich girls, broke girls. [It seems] played out.”

There have been ongoing debates in certain pockets of social media about the BBL trend phasing out, but it seems that surgeons are still booked and busy.

Check out the clip of Lil Baby’s interview below.