21 Savage and Metro Boomin are no strangers to making magic together, whether on Issa Album, Without Warning, or the first two installments of Savage Mode saga – the second of which celebrates its second anniversary today.

Of the 15 titles included on the tracklist, those that have become the most popular among listeners include “Mr. Right Now” featuring Drake, “Runnin,” as well as the song we’ve chosen to spotlight today, “Rich N*gga Shit” with Young Thug.

We’ve heard 21 and Thugger connect plenty of times in the past (“Whole Lot,” “Now,” and “I’m Scared,” just to name a few), and this song only continues their well-loved tradition of lyricizing about their luxurious lifestyles and the women they sleep with.

“Yeah, I’ve been in the vault with the gold in the back / No longer my dawg ’cause you told, you a rat / Back-to-back Porsche, me and Savage ridin’ ’round / In the town where the pipes have you loud out the back,” the YSL leader raps on his verse.

Revisit Savage Mode II here, and let us know what your top three favourite tracks from the album are down in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Rich n*gga shit, I do a lot of
N*gga, we be sippin’ out the bottle
I be fresh as hell, rockin’ Prada
Hoppin’ out the PJ with a model
Swimmin’ in a baddie, tryna drown
Every n*gga with me got style
I won’t put a watch on ‘less it cost a hundred thou’
I want all the money and the power