Often, social media users hop online just to shoot off a thought or two that doesn’t receive much attention. However, when a successful industry veteran delivers takes on music and how to navigate the business, it’s a moment that causes many to pay close attention. Every now and then, Top Dawg Entertainment’s president Terrence “Punch” Anderson Jr. hops online with a few gems, and recently, he dropped knowledge about talent always outshining heavy promotion.

The current state of the music industry is often at the center of heated debates as its evolution is argued, and in his series of tweets, Punch sided with enjoyable, long-lasting music over huge marketing campaigns.

“For artist. In my experience… you can have all the marketing and promotion in the world, but if ppl aren’t saying your music is good it doesn’t matter much,” he wrote. “Please don’t think I’m saying you don’t need marketing and promotion. You absolutely need it, but the actual music is the most important.”

“That’s if the goal is making a mark and sticking around. I mean the goal might be to go viral. Ok. I’m speaking to a specific type of artist,” Punch added. After receiving some pushback, he clarified that his opinions are based on his experiences, and others may disagree because they’ve encountered a different journey.

“Lol. Again I started off with saying from MY experience. If YOUR experience is different and you need a huge budget to be dope then I get it. I’m not knocking you. But that sweet spot is when the talent and creativity match the budget.”

Someone responded by saying that this era of TikTok makes Punch’s statements untrue. Punch replied by asking what their experience was in the industry, but that person has yet to answer.

Check it out below and let us know if you agree or disagree.