Hip Hop recently acknowledged the anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death and a few of podcasters are looking to officially solve the case. The murder of Tupac has been debated and investigated for decades—whether by officials or internet sleuths. We’ve received movies, documentaries, television specials, and interviews from those who knew the late Rap icon well, and the streets have long stated that it knows exactly who is responsible for Pac’s slaying.

It has been suggested that purported Southside Compton Crips gang member Orlando Anderson was the man who pulled the trigger in the drive-by shooting that took Tupac’s life. Unfortunately, Anderson will never reveal the truth because just two years after Pac’s murder, he was also killed.

Now, a reward is being offered by podcast hosts who are determined to find a definite solution. 

The host of The Problem Solver Show said they’re offering “$50,000 reward money for the arrest and conviction of Tupac’s killer in regards to whether or not that person is still alive or dead, we don’t really know.” They added that any tipsters can remain anonymous “and from that, basically, if there’s an arrest and conviction, it would be a $50,000 reward.”

The Action Junkeez Podcast interjected that they would match that reward, upping the total to $100K.

“We’d like to close out the case,” they added. It is unclear how aware they are of the Los Angeles Police Department’s investigation or the conversations that have been had among Hip Hop’s insiders who feel as if this case has long been solved, but the reward stands.

Check it out below.