Lil Wop Speaks On Being Bisexual, “I’ll Make A N*gga My B*tch”

Lil Wop embraces his sexuality and goes for a certain type– transgenders and fems.

BYLawrencia Grose
Lil Wop Speaks On Being Bisexual, “I’ll Make A N*gga My B*tch”

Earlier this year, former 1017 rap artist, Lil Wop, came out as bisexual. In a random rant online, he posted, "I'm Bisexual I like Guys & Girls." To reassure everyone of his statements, he added, "I'm not hacked sh*t I'm gay idgaf what anybody think [for real]." Now, months after revealing that to the world, he is back to detail his preferences.

During an interview with Say Cheese, Lil Wop, whose real name is Louis McPherson, talked about his sexuality. "Don't get me wrong," he started, "I ain't out here sucking no d*ck or getting f*cked in the a** or no sh*t like that... but I'll make a n*gga my b*tch."

The Chicago native went on to explain that he has a certain type-- transgenders and feminine men. "I'm masculine, so I'm a motherf*cking king... I like power," he added. 

When asked how he determined that he was bisexual, he explained that although he grew up around savages, he wasn't looking at them in that manner. "I ain't soft, sweet, or [any] of that sh*t," he said, "I just wanted to put that out to the world." He further encouraged people that matched that description to come his way, "If y'all like me... and you're a feminine guy or a trans-- it's whatever. It's love... I want all the love."

Lil Wop Speaks On Being Bisexual, "I'll Make A N*gga My B*tch"
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After his statement, the interviewer asked if he had been making the entire thing up to gain popularity. "I've had clout my whole life," the rapper stated, "I ain't ever gone do no goofy sh*t for no clout." He concluded the conversation by adding that he didn't tell anyone about his sexuality before it hit social media. "I told the internet, so that's when the whole world found out," he said.

Watch the entire clip below.

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