Jake Paul and Dana White do not seem to like each other very much. Paul has been actively trying to get more money for UFC fighters, while White continues to rain on Paul’s parade. White does not take Paul seriously as a fighter, and there is nothing that Jake can do to really change that.

Next month, Paul will be fighting against one of White’s most famous former fighters, Anderson Silva. This is going to be a huge match for Jake, who is favored to win due to his age and boxing experience. Regardless, this is going to be an entertaining match with plenty of eyes on it.

Jake Paul Claims Dana White Owes Him $1 Million, Calls Him A "B*tch"
Harry How/Getty Images

Today, Paul held a press conference with Silva, and during the proceedings, Paul took a swipe at White. Paul claims White owes him $1 million for his Ben Askren bet, and that moving forward, he would like to bet with White again. Paul even suggested a $5 million wager on his upcoming fight against Silva.

“Dana White did not think I’d take this fight,” Paul said. “And Dana, I know you’re watching, bro. You still owe me a million dollars from when you bet against me on Ben Askren. I want you to come out of hiding, stop being a bitch and make a bet against me and Anderson and actually pay up this time because you didn’t think I would take this fight. So let’s make a bet. Let’s put a mil, let’s put two mil, let’s put 5 mil on it. But I bet you won’t, Dana, because you’re a bitch.”

White will probably ghost Paul over this, but you can’t hate Jake for trying here. The boxer is looking to embarrass the UFC President, and if he beats Silva, White will have to eat crow for a very long time.