Blac Chyna Takes The Stand Against Rob Kardashian Assault Allegations

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Blac Chyna
On April 20, Blac Chyna took the stand to testify about her involvement in Rob's assault allegations that led to their breakup and the ending of their TV show.

On Wednesday (April 20), Blac Chyna took the stand again for further testimony and cross-examination from the Kardashian's attorney per TMZ. Her cross-examination included questions related to abuse allegations that would lead to their breakup. During her testimony, Blac Chyna told the jury that Rob locked himself in a room with her phone and she became angry in the process - smashing a gingerbread house and damaging a TV. 

Chyna said that she was screaming at Rob to give her phone back and even called Kris for help. She alleges that Kris said she would be right over, but Corey Gamble came instead. Gamble was able to get Rob out of the room and into Gamble's car. She claims that as soon as Rob left, she began packing her things to head back to her apartment. 

Blac Chyna Takes The Stand Against Rob Kardashian Assault Allegations
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During cross-examination, Kardashian attorney Michael Rhodes asked Chyna to recall the night of Dec. 14, 2016, when the gun was involved per TMZ. Chyna admits that she held up the gun but never put her finger on the trigger and that it was all just a joke. While she maintains that the gun incident was a joke, she said that the gingerbread house and TV were not jokes. She was angry that Rob had taken her phone and also revealed that she damaged the door Rob was locked behind. Chyna did deny that she damaged Rob's car in addition to denying any threats to kill or slap him. 

Cross-examination is set to continue Thursday morning (April 21). 


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