Cam Newton Admits To Fathering Child Outside Of Previous Relationship

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Cam Newton
Newton was with Kia Proctor, the mother of four of his seven children, at the time that he welcomed a child. He says talking about it is "embarrassing."

The sports world is overflowing with cheating scandals and rumors of side chicks in every city. With social media being the driving force in how we share information these days, people pop up online with their stories of entanglements with sports figures, and years ago, rumors surfaced that Cam Newton fathered a child outside of his relationship. Recently, Newton addressed the gossip and confirmed that he did, indeed, tear apart his family due to his infidelity with a model named LaReina Shaw.

During his visit to The Pivot Podcast, Channing Crowder told Newton that the man he is today isn't the same person from the 2015ish era. Newton admitted, "Honestly, it was a situation, a personal situation for me."

Gunnar Word / Stringer / Getty Images

"My longtime girlfriend at the time [Kia Proctor], you know, we had a family," Newton continued. "And I made a mistake, I hurt her, and I jeopardized our family at that time and I had a child outside of our relationship. And, coming from where I come from, being the person who I am, nobody would ever speak on it because we got a lot of people who are in high powers still make humanistic mistakes, and I can honestly say I made a humanistic mistake."

"When Ceaser Lorenzo Newton was born, I then stopped caring because I can only be the best person that I can be," he added. "And painting this picture of a person that, 'Aw man, I gotta act this type of way, aw man, I gotta be this type of person.'  I got so many kids now that, if I'm not Superman to them, I'll be damned if I allow the world to call me Superman."

"It's just really putting certain things into perspective and, you know, it was embarrassing for me. And honestly, it is embarrassing to talk about but everybody don't really wanna talk about real situations in life, and that molded me." 

Newton suggested that there are several others who have found themselves in his position, but he declared, "I would never have a hidden child." Newton and Proctor reportedly split due to the affair. They share four children together and she was reportedly pregnant when she found out about the other woman.

Watch Newton's chat with The Pivot Podcast below.

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