Yung Miami & Diddy's "Caresha Please" Interview: Most Notable Moments

Yung Miami couldn't have picked a better guest for her "Caresha Please" debut.

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As she embarks on her journey into the podcasting world, who better as a first guest for Yung Miami's catchphrase-coined show, Caresha Please, than the man who she’s constantly making headlines with (but won’t actually admit to dating), Diddy.

The City Girl and the Bad Boy have cozied up together on numerous occasions, and just last month, Miami got into some nasty internet beef with Sean Combs’ other rumoured fling, Gina Huynh, for posting a photo boo'd up with the 52-year-old. Despite all the drama, Caresha has actively maintained in interviews that she and Diddy aren’t together.

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Seeing as her Revolt series is “real, raw, and uncut,” it’s the perfect place for fans of the “Top Notch” artist to get some unfiltered answers as to what’s happening in her love life, as only the 28-year-old can tell them.

Before she and Diddy can get into “all the smoke,” as she loves to put it, a bartender brings over a round of drinks for them to cheers. Though Miami tries to be serious, she can’t help but smile and laugh – it’s hard to deny that the two have great chemistry, and it sounds like they certainly know how to live life to the fullest.

At first, they talk about casual topics: Which of his many names does Sean Combs want to be called? (Diddy, but if you’re close enough you can call him Love), and his new, all-R&B Love Records label (and Miami says her singing talents are worth signing). 

They also took a moment to promote their upcoming record, “Act Bad,” with the “I’ll Be Missing You” hitmaker admitting he “f*cks with” the City Girl because of her ability to do just what the song title says, before finally diving into some of the deeper topics.

Scroll below for a full breakdown of the most important topics tackled throughout the duo's 36-minute conversation.


Things got particularly interesting just a few minutes in when the host asked about the father of five’s experience with parenthood since the 2018 passing of Kim Porter. “Fatherhood has been really, really real because I was like a part-time father,” he revealed. 

“Losing Kim, it was like now I’m a full-time father and my life is really going crazy right now. Going from just being on the road and stuff to like actually having to raise three girls. I’ve never been in that situation before, I guess God gave me some karma, hit me three times! I’ve got three girls turning 16.”

Despite having his world turned upside down by such a devastating loss, Diddy says that he’s “proud” of his daughters. “They’re so beautiful and strong, they have their own opinions, they have their own points of view, their own dreams. It’s really beautiful to see – it’s clear why women run the world.”

Diddy and Kim Porter, 2005 - Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Miami countered Combs’ answer with a story of her own, opening up about how she feels as though she didn’t get the process the passing of her child’s father because she was working. “I never got the chance to express how I felt, so when it did hit me, I was just like f*cked up.” Since she didn’t know how to handle her emotions, the “Twerkulator” rapper went to therapy although her experience wasn’t as positive as she had hoped.

As far as grieving the loss of Porter, Diddy says he spent roughly three months crying. “I was just like, not moving. I had isolated myself, you know? It was rough. I could not control crying, I would be anywhere and any memory would just get me and really break me down.” In his moments of struggle, he turned to God, who helped him appreciate the wonderful time that he did get to spend with Kim.


You may have seen the stars cozied up on social media on weekends in celebration of what they call “f*ck it Friday.” When explaining their tradition, Love said, “It’s about mental health. It’s so much pressure, it’s so much stuff going on in the world right now, and self-love is important.”

“I went through this healing journey, and I had to start to let things go. I had to really just protect my mind. I think it’s important for everybody at the end of the week – there’s just so much going on right now. F*ck it Friday is that time after you finish work, and that’s just you time.”


Without hesitation, “making love.” After some laughter from Caresha, he said, “I don’t like to be fighting and all of that. I’m definitely more sensual.” When she asked if he’s a fan of quickies, Diddy responded, “I like marathon sex.”


The two discussed the Harlem native’s thoughts on Yung Miami’s “Rap Freaks” verse where she name-dropped him (revealing that he was initially mad when he heard the line), and he admitted to having some toxic tendencies before the host asked her rumoured man point-blank if he’s a cheater.

“I used to be a cheater,” he said. “I’m not a cheater no more. I’m a truth-teller now. Honest. I ain’t tryna be lying, ducking, hurting nobody’s feelings, none of that.”


If you thought that Miami and Caresha were one and the same, you thought wrong. “Caresha is very always home, with the kids, bonnet on, ugly as f*ck, big t-shirt, stressed the f*ck out, my kids yelling, Cocomelon, I’m aggravated,” she told a laughing Diddy.

“Yung Miami, I’m acting bad, I’m on the couch twerking, I’m taking shots, my kids gone, I’m outside!” she went on, breaking down the difference between her two personas.

Yung Miami performing at Coachella - Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

While the City Girl may feel more like herself when she’s in Miami mode, in a game of “This or That” just a few minutes later, Diddy picked her housewife life over her performer persona. “I really know you as the person. I knew you before, as Yung Miami, but when you introduced yourself to me you said Caresha,” he said.

Other important choices made by the producer in the same game? Missionary over doggy style, a thong over panties, American food over Chinese, and nasty over classy.


“I’m dating,” she said when Combs questioned her about her love life. “I’m having fun, I’m living my best life. Doing what the f*ck I want.” Moments later she added, “I’m in an entanglement, I’m on my Jada [Pinkett Smith] shit.”

When she pressed him to explain the nature of their time spent together, he said, "We date. We're dating. We go have dates, we're friends, we go to exotic locations, we have great times." However, once Miami asked Diddy to actually define their relationship, he declared himself a single man who's just enjoying his dating life.

Despite the fact that these two appear to be on casual and friendly dating terms, Yung Miami wasn't afraid to hint at a much more serious future between the two when she teased about wanting twins and told Diddy "twins run in your family." Diddy for his part, also confirmed an interest in having more children.

Yung Miami & Diddy at QC CEO party in Atlanta - Prince Williams/Getty Images


The two main reasons he gave were first, not being ready, and secondly, not wanting to do it. “When I was growing up, my father got killed when I was two,” he shared. “My mother, she just like never wanted to have men around. I never saw a [marriage] like that, I was just raised around women. I never really had those aspirations.”

Miami let Diddy know that they’re on the same page. “I don’t wanna be married because when it’s time for me to get the f*ck on, I wanna go,” she said. “I’m taking my shit and I’m leaving, I don’t wanna be nobody’s wife, ex-wife. I don’t even know you, bye.”

While she doesn’t require a ring on her finger, the mother of two would like to give birth to twins in the future, and even dropped a hint that they run in her co-host’s family, seemingly suggesting that he could help make even more of her dreams come true.


Apart from their “Act Bad” collab with Diddy (which sounds like it needs a bit more fine-tuning in the studio), Caresha said that fans of the City Girls can expect a new album coming at the end of July.

“It’s about to be a City Girl summer,” she confirmed.

Check out the full Caresha Please interview with Yung Miami and Diddy below. 

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