Jadakiss Claims The Lox's Verzuz Victory Allowed Him To Renegotiate His Def Jam Contract

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The LOX's big win over Dipset was apparently huge for Jadakiss's career.

The LOX and Dipset's Verzuz battle has had a big effect for both iconic rap groups. The music industry was still talking about the battle months after it occurred, and now other rappers are trying to go up against the victors of the showdown, The LOX.

In a recent interview with Complex, Jadakiss went in depth on just how much of an effect the Verzuz battle had on his stature in the hip hop community. According to the rapper, his price for appearances skyrocketed, and The LOX saw a 215% increase in streams.

Jadakiss Claims <a href=The Lox's Verzuz Victory Allowed Him To Renegotiate His Def Jam Contract">
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"My numbers went up for hostings and walkthroughs, for shows, and TV cameos,” said Jadakiss. “Just in general my numbers went up." He added that the new attention made his label realize just how valuable he was. "It also showed Def Jam that they got to do the right thing [and] restructure my contract," the Yonkers rapper continued. "It really showed the world my true worth, what I can do."

Jadakiss went on to say that his success after the appearance should serve as a lesson to other rappers. "More artists should prep for Verzuz, and take it serious,” he explained. “It’s a celebration. It’s somewhat of a battle. And you’ve got to take it serious. You show your craftsmanship, as well as display your catalog … [Our rehearsals focused on] process of elimination, trying shit, preparing shit. With me already doing Verzuz against Fab, I already had a little bit of tactics, and a little preparation. I knew you want to have more than one playlist ready."

Now Jadakiss is looking toward the future. "The best part is being able to benefit financially and branding-wise, and get more deals and endorsements, but it’s cool,” he said. "I already was nice before Verzuz. I’m going to let people know that on these new projects that I drop. But yeah, I don’t want to be stuck in that. I was already killing shit before Verzuz. That was just the reminder to those that already knew, and those that didn’t know. It’s a blessing, though." Check out the battle below.


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