Vanilla Ice found himself facing ghostwriting allegations this week after a Death Row affiliate detailed his role in creating the hit record, “Ice Ice Baby.” Mario “Chocolate” Johnson recently sat down with The Art Of Dialogue where he claimed that Vanilla Ice hardly contributed to the writing process of the record. Not only that, but Johnson said that he inked a large chunk of Vanilla Ice’s debut album.

Vanilla Ice Disses Suge Knight In Response To Claims He Didn't Write "Ice, Ice Baby"
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

“He said he wrote ‘Ice Ice Baby’ at 16. He didn’t write no parts of that song. And he really believed it,” Johnson said before explaining the real issue at hand. “People think we had a problem with ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ We didn’t. ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was already in the can, paperwork done. We had a problem that when the record came out, I was sent to Texas to work with him on the album. I did nine songs, he was supposed to pick five that I was getting paid for but he ended up putting all nine on the album.”

These claims aren’t new by any means. Even in the 90s, Vanilla Ice accused Suge Knight of dangling him over a balcony because of the royalties surrounding the song. Still, Ice denied that anything Johnson said during the interview had any truth to it. “Suge Knight garbage. Now put your fanny pack on and dancin shoes and let’s kick it. @TMZ,” Vanilla Ice brazenly tweeted in response to the interview. Suge’s currently behind bars so clearly, Vanilla Ice isn’t concerned about (allegedly) being dangled over a balcony. 

Check out Vanilla Ice’s response below.