Kanye West Suggests New Co-Parenting Idea On Instagram

Ye's Instagram tirade shows no sign of slowing.

BYRex Provost
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Kanye's been active on Instagram again. Like most of his IG posts as of late, the rapper/fashion designer has used the platform to air out beefs and share private communications. This time, his main focuses have been his children and his feud with GAP.

In a new post on Friday, the Yeezy designer shared a screenshot of a text message which he seems to have sent to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. In the message, Kanye floats the idea of splitting their kids' time in school between Sierra Canyon and Ye's own school, the Donda Academy.

"Idea," Kanye wrote in his message. "Kids 2 days at Donda and 3 at Sierra Canyon. Or 3 days at Donda and 2 at Sierra Canyon." He also noted that this would be "including field trips busing to educational places." He captioned the screenshot, "This is co-parenting."

The post comes after Kanye posted a picture of his Donda Academy three days ago. "The Doves first day at Donda," he wrote in the caption of a photo of children gathered around desks. "Praise God." In a seperate post, Kanye shared another screenshot of a text message presumably sent to Kardashian. "No, we need to talk in person, you don’t have a say so of where the kids go to school. Why you get say say? Cause you half white?" he wrote. He hasn't included Kim's responses.

Kanye's most recent Instagram tirade has had a wide array of subjects. He's called out Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg, and has continued to mock Pete Davidson, whom he calls "Skete." He also admitted to having a porn addiction which he claimed "destroyed" his family. Ye's latest posts have been directed at Daniel Cherry III, the senior VP at Adidas, whom West is making fun of for wearing hats.


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