Just when you thought your iPhone couldn’t get any better, Apple comes through with a new update to solve (almost) all of your problems. Earlier today (June 6) the tech giant kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where CEO Tim Cook spoke about what users can expect to see from the company in the coming months.

The Apple head honcho began by saying that he believes in supporting developers, which is why “we just opened our brand new developer center across from Apple Park, where developers can engage with engineers.” 

Apple iOS16 Will Allow Users To Edit & Unsend iMessages
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Craig Federighi then took to the stage to introduce iOS 16, which “brings [the] biggest-ever update to your lock screen.” Users will now be able to change their clock’s font and make their wallpaper “go live,” meaning you’d be able to “feel” the sensation of lightning striking.

A new notification style called “Live Activities” have been added as well, giving you live updates on sports scores, Uber or food delivery status, workouts, etc. It’s been noted that the music player has been integrated into this feature too.

Focus mode has been expanded to the lock screen, as well as within apps so that users can “filter out content in messages, calendar, mail” that don’t align with their current focus.

Arguably the best feature that was promoted today, though, was one within iMessage that allows you to either unsend or edit a message. Who would’ve thought Apple could beat Twitter on that one?

Stream the entire WWDC 2022 presentation, with all of Apple’s new and exciting tech updates below, and let us know which iOS16 feature you’re most eager to try in the comment section.