Following the news of Yung Bleu accusing a Gainesville, Georgia officer of racial profiling, the singer has returned with more details about his experience. Earlier today, Bleu shared that while shopping for a trailer to use on his upcoming Moon Boy Tour, he was racially profiled by both the owner of Absolute Trailers as well as a female officer who was called to the location. After sharing a lengthy post about his ordeal, the Alabama artist has returned with an update and revealed he was arrested.

After being released from custody on bond, Yung Bleu told The Shade Room that he didn’t even make it inside of Absolute Trailers and was outside of the establishment for about 10 minutes before an officer was at the scene.

Yung Bleu Released On Bond Following Georgia Arrest: "Back Free"
Maury Phillips / Stringer / Getty Images

The owners of Absolute Trailers explained to police that they “suspected fraud,” citing an incident last week with another unrelated customer. There was no infraction or cause for Bleu to be questioned, so he and his friends were allowed to leave the location. However, within minutes another police officer pulled him over and said Bleu was being stopped because his license plate was obstructed and she couldn’t see what state he was from. Bleu’s passenger was filming and the officer even smiled for the camera.

“I can’t stop you illegally, you know that,” Officer Forrester said before continuing to ask for Bleu’s license.

Bleu accused her of lying as she asked for his license. The Shade Room reported that he was “cited for an April party and arrested for a suspended license.” Check out the exchange below.