Kodak Black Takes A Page Out Of Kevin Gates' Book, Says He's Practicing Semen Retention

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Kodak Black Kevin Gates
Kodak Black says he's "changing for the better" by participating in "No Nut November."

Kodak Black is taking a page out of Kevin Gates' book, telling fans that he will be participating in "No Nut November" for the next thirty days. This comes after Gates revealed during an interview that he practices semen retention to improve his overall physical and mental health.

"Another thing I wanna talk about that's really healing to your body, this is gonna sound crazy, is semen retention. Not releasing no semen," said Gates last week on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. "You need to have sex, you can have sex, but your intention should be to please your partner. And don't release no semen. If you feel like you're about to release, stop. And it's gonna heal your central nervous system and everything."

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Kodak Black must have been tuned into Gates' interview because he's co-signing the message, telling his Twitter followers that he's on the same wavelength for the next thirty days, participating in an internet trend called "No Nut November," where men challenge themselves not to ejaculate for the duration of the month.

"#SemenRetention All Next Month," tweeted Kodak on Sunday. "#NoNutNovember Saving My Life Source & Not Wasting My Energy On Foolishness, Changing Fa The Better Completely Starting Tomorrow."

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What do you think of Kodak's challenge? Despite what Gates and Yak are saying, "No Nut November" can actually be pretty bad for you, as a Harvard University study determined that men who masturbate regularly have less of a risk of developing prostate cancer. So maybe it's not the best idea to join Kodak along this ride?

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