Doctor Claims Eazy-E Gave Two Of His Patients HIV/AIDS

The doctor was featured on "The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E" and said the rapper's wife, who was pregnant when he died, is lucky she was negative.

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We are knee-deep into The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E series on WEtv and in a recent episode, a doctor has made some eyebrow-raising statements. In 1995, the Compton rapper was admitted to the hospital after feeling ill. While there, Eazy reportedly discovered he had HIV/AIDS, and within weeks, the N.W.A. icon had passed away.

Unsurprisingly, conspiracy theories have abounded for decades as people have given their takes on what truly happened to the 30-year-old rapper. There have been allegations that he was purposefully injected with the virus while others have stated that he was murdered in the hospital and his death was covered up.

Al Pereira / Contributor / Getty Images

Yet, Dr. Wilbert Jordan told Jasmine Simpkins on the WEtv series that he personally treated two women who contracted HIV after having sex with Eazy-E. "What I'm hearing you say is that as his immune system diminished, the likelihood of him transmitting it to someone increases," Simpkins said to Dr. Jordan. "The woman that he married was pregnant [and] had a child."

Tomica Wright reportedly met Eazy-E in 1991 and the couple wed just 12 days before he died in 1995. They had two children together, the youngest being born six months after the rapper passed away. Tomica does not have HIV/AIDS.

"If she's negative, the baby's gonna be negative," said Dr. Jordan. "She's lucky 'cause she was exposed enough she could have." Simpkins mentioned that Eazy had "other women in his life," and Dr. Jordan chimed in to say, "And two of them was my patients."

"One is still my patient," he added before clarifying that the other is still alive, as well. Check out the clip from The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E below.

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