Twitter Reacts To Caitlyn Jenner Claiming She Will "Cancel Cancel Culture"

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Caitlyn Jenner vowed to "cancel cancel culture" as Governor of California, eliciting a ton of reactions on social media.

Caitlyn Jenner is dead set on running for Governor of California, despite all of the criticism that she has received from people online. The Republican political candidate has been laying out her plans for office, puzzling Californians with her values. The former Olympian has gone public with her controversial take on trans youth athletes, receiving support from Tomi Lahren and other right-wing political commentators. Jenner's latest comments regarding her run for Governor have only served to confuse prospective voters more though, vowing to "cancel cancel culture" and "wake up the woke" in a recent tweet.

As she seeks to earn enough votes to represent the state of California, Caitlyn Jenner took aim against cancel culture, promising to end the phenomenon once and for all, while offering no insight into how she will do so.

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"When elected Governor of California, I will CANCEL, cancel culture and wake up the woke," wrote Jenner on Twitter. Sounds like an empty promise to me.

People have been cruel in the replies to her tweet, reminding Jenner of the fatal car accident in which she struck a woman with her vehicle, ending her life in 2015. Those are among the most popular responses, but there are also those that are simply laughing at Jenner's run for Governor, telling her she'll never get elected with policies such as this one.

What do you think about Caitlyn Jenner saying she'll cancel cancel culture? Read through some of the replies below.

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