Future & His Mother Believe BM Brittni Needs Prayers, She Claps Back

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Future, Stephanie Jester, Brittni Mealy
This latest controversy involving Future and Brittni is unraveling as the rapper's mother writes Brittni is mad because she can't get her way.

It was a quiet Tuesday (August 10) evening for Future until Brittni Mealy, the mother of his young son Prince Wilburn, shared a few screenshots to Instagram. Brittni and Future have had a contentious past as their private arguments have played out for a global social media audience, and their recent spat wasn't any different. Brittni shared what looked to be a text exchange between Future and Prince where the rapper allegedly told the boy, "Your mother is a hoe!" and now he offers a brief response to the controversy.

Brittni addressed critics who accused her of lying for attention. "TF I GOT TO LIE FOR YOU SAID IT definitely your # and his SO STAND ON IT AND PIPE DOWN IF U DONT WANT THESE RECORDING POSTED!" she wrote on her Instagram Story.

"On GAWD YOU SAID IT THEY NEED TO CANCEL YOU. Cruelty to children! Haven't seen him in 3 months but in the same State I can Keep Going!" Brittni added. "Got a refund on his school Clothes today! Petty cause someone Don't wanna be sexually active with you and just want to co parent!!"

Future tweeted, "Pray for Her," but his mother, Stephanie Jester, had a few more words for the rapper's ex. "It's sad when ppl can't get their way so they turn to social media for attention," wrote Jester. "No matter how much you give a person it's never enough. We have to really pray for self-love because ppl take it out on everyone else."

Brittni responded to Future's mother on her Instagram Story, telling Jester to stay out of their business because Future is almost 40 years old with 11 or 12 kids by 11 or 12 different women. Brittni also accused Jester of saying Future was wrong when speaking behind the scenes but standing up for her son in public.

Check it all out below.

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