The beef that’s captivated the rap game for over three years is Kanye West vs. Drake. It reached new heights in recent weeks as the two rappers attempted to rival each other’s album releases. Kanye, unfortunately, doesn’t have the leg up in the numbers game but there’s an argument to be made about why his album DONDA is far more exciting than Drake’s Certified Lover Boy.

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Rick Ross Thinks Drake & Kanye West Are Too Rich To Stress About Beef">
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Rick Ross, who has a close relationship with both Kanye West and Drake, recently sat down with the Breakfast Club during the promotional run for his new book, The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire. For Ross, the back-and-forth boils down to entertainment. He said that besides drumming up excitement for their respective releases, both Drake and Kanye West are too wealthy to really be stressing their relationship with one another.

“I was just enjoying it, I was smiling. You know I never took none of that shit personal,” Rick Ross said. “Dudes rich, man. I don’t even think they tripping about that shit, man. I’ma just be honest, I don’t think they tripping about that shit.”

From there, he went on to praise Kanye West’s grandiose rollout for DONDA including the two listening parties hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

“Come on, man, ’Ye having listening events at the Mercedes-Benz, Donda, and you know, you’re doing this in memory of your mom. It’s a memory of your mom, to me that’s priceless,” he said. “You got the world, you know, paying homage to the spirit and the legacy of your mother, that was the most important part of it to me. Then going to the Mercedes-Benz stadium, where I’m sure 30 or 40 to 50 years ago a Black man couldn’t do nothin’ but sweep outside. And now he’s just sitting there not even talking to the crowd, to the audience, just giving you an opportunity to listen to the music. That was legendary and nobody could take nothing away from that.”

Rick Ross Thinks Drake & Kanye West Are Too Rich To Stress About Beef
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Charlamagne suggested that he would want to see the two work together in an exclusive capacity — Drake writing a whole album for Kanye while ‘Ye produces an entire album for Drizzy. It looks like Ross might be into that idea, as well. “I might need to make that call,” Ross said.

Peep the full interview with the Breakfast Club below.