We haven’t heard much from Tyga since the rapper’s ex-girlfriend made shocking accusations last month. It was then that Camaryn Swanson alleged that Tyga physically abused her, to which he later came forward to adamantly deny, and it seems that he has been laying low as the spotlight moves from his controversy to whatever the next scandal is that has taken over timelines.

Following the release of his previous single “Mrs. Bubblegum,” Tyga is back with a new track titled “Lift Me Up.” While the imagery associated with the single features Tyga’s silhouette in the clouds and could be assumed to be some inspirational effort, the track itself is all about the rapper flexing his high-profile lifestyle while putting his haters in their places.

It’s unclear if this is a part of a greater rollout, but as we all await on news, stream Tyga’s “Lift Me Up” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

S-s-second to none and I’m Neo, the one
Your, your life just begun and I do this for fun
Fakin’ that flex on the ‘Gram, n*gga, stop it
You took my style, had a baby, adopted it
Why would I lie when it’s facts that you copied it?