There isn’t much that Master P hasn’t accomplished in an entrepreneurial sense, having earned his place as one of hip-hop’s great businessmen. Originally raised in the notorious Calliope projects in New Orleans, P managed to overcome the adversity of his environment and relocate to Oakland California, where he launched a record store called No Limit records — the first chapter in what would grow to become a hip-hop empire

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Eminem Unite In Classic Throwback Pic">
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Since then, P has gone on to achieve greatness in the music industry, having saved Snoop Dogg from a doomed Death Row deal in the late nineties among other crucial accomplishments. Today, P took a moment to share a bit of inspirational wisdom, once again sharing an epic throwback picture featuring himself and Eminem to further contextualize his message. 

“When you come from poverty, don’t be afraid to grow, change and better yourself,” he captions, tagging Eminem’s page. “Don’t go backwards, go forward. There’s NO LIMIT to your dreams.” It should be noted that this is not the first time P has shared this particular image, having previously posted a similar message in 2018. Though he and Eminem have never collaborated on wax in any capacity, it’s clear that the pair of rags-to-riches legends have mutual respect for one another. 

Master P & Eminem Unite In Classic Throwback Pic
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Historians might recall that Eminem nearly signed a record deal with No Limit at the onset of his career, a tidbit previously revealed by P during a 2015 MTV interview. “Anybody you can think of called me for advice or thinking ‘What can I do to get with No Limit,’” P explained. “Eminem, to T.I. to anybody you could think of, we done had that conversation where they wanted to be with No Limit.” Though Em notably went on to make history as a key member of Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, it would have certainly been interesting to hear how he might have evolved bearing the No Limit banner. 

Check out P’s Eminem throwback picture alongside Master P below, and sound off if you’d still like to see the pair collaborate in some capacity.