Chrome Hearts has certainly become a quintessential brand in hip-hop fashion this year. With collaborations alongside Drake, and fans like Migos, Jay-Z, and more, the luxury clothing brand has seen a surge in mentions in rap lyrics while more and more rappers continue to rock their garments at nightclubs and red carpet events.

Chrome Hearts now finds itself as the inspiration behind the latest single from D-Block Europe. Alongside Offset, they delivered a new track called “Chrome hearts” which serves as the latest single off of their forthcoming album, Home Alone 2. ‘Set sounds particularly refreshing on this record, as he holds down the hook with flashbacks to pre-Culture flows. Meanwhile, Young Adz and Dirtbike LB drift into a more melodic territory where they offer tales from the trap and flashes of their luxurious lifestyles.

Quotable Lyrics
Pay attention, ’cause we savage
We bring a hammers to the party when we glow it
Patek Philippe, and all these others ones are cool
In Burj Khalifa, I think about my bando