Florida’s self-proclaimed Problem Child has been producing a flurry of music throughout the year. The rapper offered a slew of new singles, including a collaboration with FCG Heem, along with two projects — Problem Child 3 and Not One Of Them. Both have showcased his strong songwriting that depicts the triumphs and struggles in his life. However, even with the influx of new music, Dee Watkins is keeping his foot on the neck of the rap game until the year comes to an end.

This week, he shared a brand new single titled, “JPAY.” With his fluid melodies ringing through warm piano chords, Dee Watkins reflects on the setbacks he’s faced and the wins he’s collected on his way to the top.

Check out the single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Hard times, that’s what made us
All I know is stay down and stay prayed up
Aye, you can’t lock us all up but you can’t break us
Long as I’m happy, I don’t care ’bout being famous