The posthumous Juice WRLD records continue to bring joy to his fans and we are all set to receive yet another next month. We previously reported that the late rapper’s team has announced that Fighting Demons will arrive on December 10 and we have received a peek into what we can expect from the record.

On Friday (November 12), Juice WRLD’s single “Already Dead” arrived, and it complemented the theme and message of Fighting Demons. A video about the forthcoming album was shared on Juice’s social media and it spoke to the essence of the record. 

“You are not your struggles,” a message in the video read. “Addiction, anxiety, depression do not define you. One of the greatest artists of our generation shared his own battle.” The text prefaced a series of clips of Juice performing live and interacting with fans. Intermingled into the video were also snippets of Juice speaking about not letting mental health or emotional struggles hold you back. 

Stream “Already Dead” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

I’ve been taking medicine again (Yeah, yeah)
Henny, mix it with the Vicodin (Yeah, yeah)
All my sufferin’ (Yeah)
Is really gettin’ under my skin (Yeah)
Maybe I should try to pray again (Yeah, yeah)
Try to wash away my sins (Yeah, yeah)
I know that they not my friends (Yeah, yeah)
But I’m friends with the drugs again (Yeah)