The Democratic Republic of Congo is reeling right now as Mount Nyiragongo erupted for the first time since 2002. CNN reports that 8,000 people crossed over into Rwanda from the DRC after the eruption. “This morning, after lava flows from Nyiragongo volcano have stopped, most of Congolese evacuated to Rubavu are returning back home. Rwanda received around 8000 people last night,” Rwanda’s Emergency Management Ministry said on its official Twitter account.

“There has not been a massive panic movement, but people are really worried,” said Tom Peyre-Costa, the council’s spokesperson for West and Central Africa. Refugees from the DRC first headed to Rwanda but the border was closed. “Everywhere in the city you see people walking with their belongings, their children and even their goats and whatever they could grab. Most of them are just sitting by the road waiting to be able to go back any time soon,” Peyre-Costa said. 11 people died in the aftermath of the eruption. Five of them died in a car accident trying to flee, while four prisoners died while trying to get out of jail during the eruption. The prisoners were “trying to escape and could have clashed with guards.” Details regarding the other two deaths have not been released.