Soulja Boy expressed his frustration with the music industry on Twitter, Saturday, calling the rap game “faker than WWE.” 

“These rappers pussy,” he began a series of tweets. “Opps dropping left and right. Rap game faker than WWE. I don’t think none of these n****z popped shit to keep it a stack. If it come down to it I’m a pop me a n***a. That’s a fact.”

<a href="/profile/souljaboytellem" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Soulja Boy</a> Labels Rap Game "Faker Than WWE" & Calls Out "P*ssy" Rappers
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

It’s unclear what prompted the harsh posts, nor who specifically they’re directed at. Back in December, Soulja took a jab at the media side of the music industry, calling out XXL, No Jumper, and even HotNewHipHop in particular. 

“Motherfcking HotNewHipHop, XXL, and No Jumper is motherf*cking fake media,” said Soulja Boy on Instagram Live. “It’s false media. I have elevated past the level of certain media platforms. So, if y’all see these media platforms putting my name in they blogs, do not read the sh*t because they trolling. Anything that you wanna hear, come hear it direct from the source. I’ll tell you directly what it is.

“It’s false media. They’re fake media. They’re not real media. The sh*t that they post is not credible, it’s not facts. I’m putting an end to that sh*t. That sh*t dead, n***a.”