6ix9ine Arm Wrestles Bradley Martyn In Hilarious New Video

6ix9ine met up with Youtubers Bradley Martyn and SteveWillDoIt to work out, resulting in an arm-wrestling competition.

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6ix9ine refuses to ever be put in a box. When he isn't trolling fellow rappers or flexing bodacious jewelry, the New York rapper is largely out of the spotlight. Though he's performed at a few shows since venues began opening up, the 6ix9ine conversation has been mostly focused on his Instagram feuds.

However, the rapper took a break from classless trolling this week to link up with Bradley Martin and SteveWillDoIt, the Youtuber-fitness influencer-party animal duo affiliated with the popular Nelk gang. In the video, 6ix9ine shows what he's got, doing everything from arm wrestling Martin to showing his own workout technique.

6ix9ine Arm Wrestles Bradley Martyn In Hilarious New Video
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 Unsurprisingly, the rapper lost the arm wrestling match almost immediately after stalling for a few minutes. Still, he seemed genuinely interested in Martyn's gym routine, asking the influencer how long his workouts take and how much he weighed. After falling short of Martyn's 17 pull-ups with his own 14, 6ix9ine then divulged his own unorthodox workout regimen. Strangely enough, he apparently uses his Rolls Royce as a sauna after a four-mile run. 

6ix9ine then continued to work out with the duo at his personal gym. The rapper's new focus on fitness is a positive change of pace from his accidental overdose on caffeine and weight loss pills last fall.

Do you think 6ix9ine is one of the fittest in the game right now? See for yourself in the video below:

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