The Meek Mill/Drake beef had the internet on fire for a minute, but it’s mostly died down now, apart from a few subliminals (from either side) here and there. Nonetheless, it was exciting while it was lasted. 

The general consensus is that Drake won and Meek lost. We thought were hoping to hear another diss track from Meek, given how lacklustre “Wanna Know” was, and Meek even seemed to hint that there was more to come when he dropped a freestyle at a recent concert, but alas, nothing. Now, even more nothing: Meek has decided to seemingly withdraw his diss, removing it from his Soundcloud account last night. Drizzy’s, which is becoming the song of the (end) of summer, is still alive and well (keeping the #1 on our Top 100 for some time too).

Does this move mean Meek is conceding? Does he have something better on the way? What’s your theory? 

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<a href="/profile/MeekMill" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Meek Mill</a> Removed His "Wanna Know" Drake Diss From Soundcloud